Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Your biggest enemy is an insider!

I am really good at a few things and really don't think of those as being a big deal.  I can speak in public at the drop of a hat and love doing it.  I can encourage others and speak truth into their lives with very little thought.  I am also a very good welder!  

The strange thing is I don't focus on those things because I am focused on what I don't do well.  I listen to the little voice in my head that says "You can't!"  "You will be embarrassed!"  "What will your friends say?"

Why do I let myself have such a negative focus and a loud opinion? 

Well some of the steps to change that habit are starting to take shape.

I have surrounded myself with people that inspire me to do more. Books, podcasts, and blogs make it free or pretty close to free to feed your mind positive things.  Pintrest and the news is like eating junk food daily.  

I focus on who God says I am and not who other people say I am. READ YOUR BIBLE!

I give things away for free.  It can be resources, time, stuff or money.  Caring more about the people around me will ultimately lift me up.  I try to never miss the people around me that help me everyday.  Appreciate others and celebrate their success and it will be easier to celebrate your success.  

The real secret is serve and encourage others.  The more I reach out and just listen to someone's story the harder it is to focus on myself.  Nothing turns my mood around faster than letting someone else share their struggles with me and praying for them.  

I can't always help with a big check or a solution but sometimes just listening is a huge blessing.  

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

3 simple things to do today to make life better

There are 3 things you can start today that will change your life forever if you make them habits.  

1. Pray - For your spouse, family, friends, church, government etc..

2. Eat - Stop eating junk!  No processed food, diary or bread.  This is a game changer! 

3. Forgive - Do it quickly and often!  Don't forget yourself too!  

If you need help or more direction on any of these give me a shout.

Quick disclaimer:  I don't always get these right but perfection is not my goal.  Keep working towards something and it gets closer.  

Saturday, May 11, 2013

20 reasons I love my bride.

Happy Mother's Day!!

You sing from the heart.
You crack yourself up and can't stop laughing.
Your smile when you get ready for Date Night.
You love our children even when they drive you crazy.
You talk baby talk to the puppy.
You encourage me to do more and believe more everyday.
You cook better than any restaurant.
You lay on my chest when we do bible study at night.
You hold my hand when we walk, pray and snuggle.
You refuse to let me turn my back on people in need.
You have the best eyes!
You greet me everyday I come home with a kiss and a cheer.
Your whisper in my ear.
You like to talk to me on the phone while you are driving.
You give people 2nd, 3rd, 4th and even 5th chances.
You love God more than me.
You have an important job that matters a lot.
You are a great kisser.
You are the most authentic person I have ever met.
You love me for better, for worse, for always, no matter what!

Friday, May 10, 2013

People who don't like me

I have always cared about what people thought. Okay that's not true but I have cared what some people thought about me. I still care very much for a very select few people's opinion. I realized a while back most people will not agree with you if you are making progress towards your dream. The reason is most people have a dream of their own and they are not pursuing it. If you achieve your dreams it makes them look bad. I used to worry about helping these people move forward and encouraging them all the time. I realized I am only capable of helping a few people. If I try to save everyone I will drown too. So now I focus on a select few men and try to help them be better husbands, fathers and MEN. That serves two purposes, it makes them better and it makes me better.

Someone said to me the other day that a person that I used to be close to was saying some negative stuff about me. They asked if I cared what they said about me. I said yes of course I do but not for the reasons you may think. I care that they feel the need to attack me because it means I am moving forward. No one attacks the guy in the back of the room or the back of the ship. The go after the captain and try to take down the guy leading the charge.

How could you appreciate people attacking you? Simply remember who you are and WHOSE you are. If your primary focus is to serve God and not yourself then it doesn't bother you when people bark. If you are building your own kingdom then it can be very painful. I used to have my own kingdom so I know. Trust me no one every got to a life of peace and happiness by tearing someone else down. It may look like it for a season but the reality of the process will be shown eventually.

Don't be normal and don't stop to hear suggestions from people who haven't built anything.

Tips for a great suggestion box:
1. Get a box
2. Cut a hole in the top
3. Lock it
4. Leave it locked

Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Public Nudity!

Public nudity!

I know it is funny to think about what was on your mind when you clicked on that topic. Well this has nothing to do with nudity I just thought that was funny.

My question is why do we like to tell our story? I think sometimes we hope our story helps others and sometimes we like the attention. More likely we are talking to ourselves. We are reminding ourselves of why we can't do something or why we never attempted something.

I never played in the NFL because I hurt my knee in college. I didn't apply for that job because I never went to college. I didn't ask her out because I didn't have a nice car to take her on a date. Excuses excuses excuses.

We don't define our dreams and hopes as often as we define our excuses.

Maybe we need a new mentor.

Have you ever noticed how often we listen to the same person tell us we can't? The person you listen to the most is yourself and sorry to be blunt but you lie a lot.

You say you are too short, too fat, too whatever to explain why you don't attempt. I'm not against lying to yourself at all. Just speak a potential future rather than a dismal past.

Most people are too scared to pick up the bat so all you really have to do is be willing to take a swing. If you stop telling yourself about the past and start believing the future is possible you may be shocked at the outcome. Worse case scenario you will be the same. Seriously that is the worst case. What if I strike out? Well at least you got in the game! I prefer to consider every attempt I didn't take a failure.

So pick up that bat and take a swing!